Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My heart is always down south... but its coming up north!

Oh life life.... always getting on the way of my posting!
I'm back to good old sauga yet again and no posts on Rio to warm my dear readers up. Unforgivable! (not really, you'll forgive me because you know you love me!). Thing is, I din't spend much of my time in Rio per-se. I ended up going to Club Med for the end-of-year festivities, which took up a lot of my very limited time at home (for a very good cause though: 24/7 open bar, restaurant, and beach resort for 7 days, need I say more? Hangover heaven). 

However, I promise some more excitement for you this year! 2011, new year, new life, new JOB!!! No, I didn't give up my proud position as a waitress at the UTM blind duck pub, but I did get a new, great internship! I can now just as proudly say I am a fashion Intern at Ukamaku. They are an online fashion store and community that specializes in Canadian designers. Finally someone willing to help to push Canadian fashion out and about and I am a part of it! They have some amazing designers I haven't even heard of before (hem hem  hence why Canadian fashion needs a push) signed up like Zoran Dobric and Psalms 91:1 accessories.
 Zoran Dobric

So stay tuned for my next adventures folks, I promise they'll be good!

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