Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Bang, Pie and Queen

Since nothing much has been going on in this sides of the woods lately, I decided to venture to new lands of Scarborough, ON to do nothing less than watch a live interview with the Big Bang theory cast (or at least most of it - Leonard and Penny weren't there) at the CTV studios. I had to wake up at 5:50 in the morning and endure morning rush hour traffic but it was all worth it (even though the interview was really short). The Big Bang guys have a great sense of humor and are unbelievably down to earth. They talked a bit about the show, how they come up with the character's quirks and how their (absurdly busy) visit to Canada has been so far. However, my 2 thumbs up go for the hosts of Canada AM, Beverley Thomson and Seamus O'regan, who manage to be adorable and entertaining even off screen, when they had to wake up earlier than I did. And because I love my readers so much, I'' let you have a feel of the studio...

Yours truly...

Seamus retouching his makeup...

The gang...

Howard (Simon Helberg) & Raj(Kunal Nayyar) hiding behind Beverley...

Sheldon (Jim Parson).

After my morning TV experience, I headed Downtown Toronto (clearly there was nothing to do in sauga this Thursday) with my beloved mother that is visiting for thanksgiving. I took her to 2 of my favorite destinations in TO: Kensington market and Queen street.

Kensington is my little piece of Europe in Canada. I think its mix of London and Berlin vibes that just takes me to a bliss whenever I'm there. I absolutely LOVE that place! Check it out as soon as you have a chance (if you haven't already) and let me know if you find any other must sees around there, here are some of the ones I found:

Wanda's Pie in The Sky - amazing pastry, people and location (with the perk of being organic based! )

This is Kensington...

Since I considered we hadn't done enough for a day, we headed for lunch and a stroll down Queen's street - not quite so edgy and lovely as Kensignton but still worth a visit.

Now for those of you that are bored in Mississauga, or anywhere else in the world that boredom attacks, I'll leave you with a list of links to help you snap out of it:

Fashion People - T magazine scorecards on fashion shows.
Just found this blog entries and I really like it for some reason, don't really know why (possibly indentify with the overly critical writing *evil grin*).

Craving killers - Cheesecake-marbled brownies
Haven't tried yet but if they taste as great as they look, I see a new contestant for my top 10 favorite things in the world coming up.

Don't ask, just check - Hilarious, for people who travel a lot.
Ridiculously accurate.

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