Saturday, October 9, 2010

Connection to Brasiland via Google

Hello lovelays,

Since I have no great morning shows to attend or new parts of town to explore this Saturday (for me at least),I thought I'd share some (random and totally uncalled for) Brazilian pride with my all-so-glorious (and hopefully not just figments of my imagination) readers. I guess I'm feeling a tad homesick.

However, I must say, the first things that showed up in Google-America when I searched for images related to Brazil were not really what I expected to show you. Here's what I got...

Brazi-(this showed up even before I finished typing)

and apparently its from the ULTIMATE guide to Brazil even, I wonder what kind of places you'd end up in if you followed this guides suggestions...

Brazil World Cup (by the way, still a touchy topic to bring up)

This was the SECOND image that showed up (I wish I was joking), and here I was thinking world cup was about soccer, silly me.

Brazilian Wax
I refuse to provide any visual aid for that

Brazilian wandering spider

I lived in Brazil for 18 years and didn't even know we had such a thing (Thanks Google for being educational)

Brazil Carnaval/Women

and here I disappoint my male readers who thought they would get naked glittery ladies - Sorry, I have to keep the blog (kiiiinda) clean, so I give you Angela Bismarchi (AKA- world record for most surgical plastics), straight from Avatar apparently, to the festival in Rio (even though if you do the Google search you will get a gazillion of naked ladies)

Just for fun-

For those who don't know, this is Tiririca - at first sight a clown (at second and third sights, still a clown) who probably show up in a Google search for 'Brazil politics', since he was just elected as a federal deputy with an absurd amount of votes. (justsaying)

Now, If you try the same search in Google- Brazil - you get "Brasil, Brasil flag, Brasil 2014, Brasil logo, Brasil soccer team, Brasil mapa, Brasilia". What do you get from that? Well, one thing for sure: Brazilian Google certainly sucks at helping its bored users kill a few hours of their lonely nights. Other than that, Brazilian Google also fails to acknowledge the brazilian women, more brazilian women, fascinating insects and pictoresque polititicians that clearly are so searched for by people interested in our country.

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    Adoro seus blogs suziiiiinha, me divirto a vida lendo..
    E ng merece a aranha ¬¬

    Te amo
    Carol ( pequena )